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Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center, Thomas J Shen MD  Allergy Clinic in the Lake, Sumter and Marion Counties, and wishes to maintain a relationship with our patients and the wider community. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to stay healthy, or want to learn about the latest industry trends, our news center is always accessible and regularly updated to include the most relevant information. Read more today.

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A Look at the Industry’s Latest Medical Technologies

  • There is concern that Asthmatics may have worse outcomes due to Covid-19

  • There is also concern that the use of corticosteroids may cause more severe symptoms due to Covid-19

  • At this time we recommend that asthmatics continue on current medications and dose.

  • Oral or injected corticosteroids such as prednisone/prednisolone should be held for significant exacerbations if possible.

  • Biologics such as Xolair, Fasenra, Nucala and Dupixent should be continued.

Intranasal corticosteroids such as Flucticasone (Flonase) Mometasone (Nasonex) etc. can be discontinued and substituted with other medication.

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Allergy or Covid-19

Is It Coronavirus or Allergies?

The main warning signs of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, are

During allergy season, it may be hard to tell the difference between COVID-19 and allergies.

Common signs of allergies include:

Signs of COVID-19 include:

If you have any of these, especially a fever, call the COVID hotline at 1 (866) 779-6121

If you get allergies every year, watch for symptoms that are different from what you’ve had before.

Severe allergies can make you can feel tightness in your chest and shortness of breath, especially if you have asthma, too. But these can also be serious symptoms of COVID-19. If you aren’t sure or if you haven’t been diagnosed with asthma, call your doctor or 911 right away.

The new coronavirus doesn’t cause sneezing. But if you do sneeze, it’s important to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue to keep the virus from spreading. Wash your hands right away.

Red eyes:

Only about 1% to 3% of people with COVID-19 will have pinkeye.  Call your doctor if you have red eyes with other COVID-19 symptoms.

When social distancing or stay-at-home rules are in effect, always follow the COVID-19 safety steps recommended by public health officials:

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Pollen Season is in Full Bloom

Pollen Counts


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